Convergences Forums in the world

Convergences Forums in the world

Convergences Forums in the world

Convergences in the world

Since 2017 and at the request of national civil society organizations, Convergences organizes Forums in different countries and regions of the world. These Forums offer places for thought sharing and dialogue between civil society organisations, public decision-makers, private stakeholders, academics and the media in order to encourage the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships. The ultimate objective is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and of a 3Zero world “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty”.

By organising these Forums, Convergences shares and replicates the model of the Convergences World Forum, which takes place every year in Paris in September. The Convergence Forums at the international level reflect the national or regional issues related to the achievement of the SDGs and the construction of 3Zero countries. Each edition is structured around a theme that is specific to the country and that is chosen in consultation with country or regional actors. Forums bring together between 300 and 500 participants per edition.

Why have Forums in so many different countries?

Many actors are working in favour of the SDGs around the world. Social innovation, social economy, social entrepreneurship, solidarity finance, etc., are booming sectors, but actions remain largely compartmentalized. Convergences is convinced that it is by bringing together institutions, civil society, entrepreneurs, the media, academics and citizens that the impact of these initiatives will be maximized. To do so, we propose to bring the stakeholders together around the same table and work together to develop concrete tools and solutions that will allow the transition towards a 3Zero world. The Forums allow the formation of real networks, notably thanks to the organisation of Working Groups and the facilitation of exchanges by Convergences. Different ecosystems are born with the implementation of the Forums. The objective is to propose a large global network bringing together all the players acting with Convergences, in favour of SDGs.

How are Convergences Forums organised?

The preparation process of the Convergences Forums is based on a methodology of co-construction and multi-actor partnerships with the national public, private, associative, academic, media and international cooperation sectors. The constitution of a local Working Group allows the identification of programmatic issues, thus ensuring the added value of the Forum by responding to needs raised by national actors. The members of the Working Group identify the themes of the Forum, participate in the elaboration of some of the Forum’s sessions and support the technical organisation of the Forum. Once the main themes have been identified, a call for contributions is open for external organisations to contribute to the Forum. Technical and/or financial partners also provide support to the Forums, with different levels of involvement.