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International Activities of Convergences

International Activities of Convergences

International Activities of Convergences

International Activities of Convergences

Why organize Forums in different countries?

Many actors are working in favor of the SDGs around the world. Social innovation, social and solidarity economy, social entrepreneurship, solidarity finance, etc., are booming sectors but actions remain largely compartmentalized. Convergences is convinced that it is by bringing together institutions, civil society, entrepreneurs, media, academics and citizens that the impact of these initiatives will be maximized.  To do so, we propose to bring together actors around the same table and to work together on the emergence of tools and concrete solutions allowing the transition to a 3Zero world. These meetings allow for the formation of real networks, notably through the organization of working groups and the facilitation of exchanges between participating organizations by Convergences. Different ecosystems are created with the setting up of Forums. The objective is to propose a large global network gathering all the actors acting, with Convergences, in favor of the SDGs.

How is a Convergences Forum organized at the international level?

The preparation process of the Convergences Forums is based on a methodology of co-construction and multi-actor partnerships with the national public, private, associative, academic, media and international cooperation sectors. The constitution of a local Working Group (WG) allows the identification of programmatic issues, thus ensuring the added value of the Forum by responding to the needs raised by national actors. The members of the WG identify the themes of the Forum, participate in the elaboration of certain sessions and support the technical organization of the Forum. Once the main themes are identified, a call for contributions is opened so that external organizations can contribute to the Forum. Technical and/or financial partners also support the Forums, with different levels of involvement.

Evolution of the Forums in light of the global pandemic

The international Convergence Forums bring together several hundred people each year. Due to the health context linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the national and international restrictions concerning the gathering of people, the Convergences Forums have evolved towards exclusively online formats, keeping however as ambitions to decompartmentalize the sectors through the co-construction of sustainable solutions and the sharing of experiences and initiatives with positive impacts for the achievement of the SDGs and the Agenda 2030. Thus, the 3rd edition of the Forum “Together to build the SSE of tomorrow” in Tunisia was held exclusively online and gathered more than 3000 participants!

Next Forums

Previous Forums

At the initiative of L’Effet Papillon, Convergences, DEAL Guadeloupe, CCI des Îles de Guadeloupe, Comité 21 and French Tech Guadeloupe, the Forum of Transitions – For a Sustainable Caribbean took place in 21 – 22 september. It offered a virtual space for dialogue and exchange between actors and organizations working for a sustainable and inclusive development in the Caribbean.

During two days, workshops, round tables, stands and more were offered to raise awareness, inform, equip and train on the economic, social, educational and environmental issues of our territories! A “Focus Entreprises” was realized within the framework of the 3rd edition of the “Professional Meetings of Sustainable Development” by the CCI des Iles de Guadeloupe.

Digital inclusion represents a highly at-stake domain to overcome the obstacles of development in oPt by exploiting the potential of digital tools, especially for marginalized people including people with disabilities and women.

The 2021 oPt Convergences Forum’s objective is to develop easy-to-access digital tools to encourage the creation of new opportunities by exploiting digital resources offered by information and communication technology, especially to tackle youth employment issues in Palestine.

The Forum took place online on October 14, 2021, allowing all interested members of the digital palestinian sphere to participate.

The Convergences Publications

In order to catalyze the exchanges and solutions proposed by the actors of change and transition for sustainable development in the countries where Convergences is active, deliverables have been developed. Find the inspiring initiatives implemented by project leaders from different sectors, all working towards the 3Zero objective in their respective countries – Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty.


The year 2021 was the occasion to put forward another format proposed by Convergences in order to value projects relevant to the achievement of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. Indeed, the Convergences Senegal 2021 Awards, co-organized by the CoLab, rewarded 2 laureates developing concrete solutions by implementing a multi-stakeholder driving force for a 3Zero Senegal. They will receive technical and financial support for their projects as well as a promotional platform at the 3Zero World Forum to be held in Paris on September 2 and 3.

Convergences in the world

Since 2017 and at the request of national civil society organizations, Convergences has been organizing Forums in different countries and regions of the world. The objective? To propose spaces for exchange and dialogue conducive to the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships in order to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of a 3Zero world “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty”.

Convergences shares and replicates internationally the model of the Convergences World Forum, which takes place every year in Paris in September. The international Convergences Forums reflect national or regional issues related to the achievement of the SDGs and the construction of 3Zero countries. Each edition is structured around a theme specific to the country, chosen in consultation with committed actors in the region concerned and brings together between 300 and 500 participants.

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