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The Working Groups (WG) are permanent bodies of Convergences, dedicated to collective reflection, experience sharing and co-construction around the 2030 Agenda and the ambition of a 3Zero world – Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty. They are a concrete expression of the dynamic of gathering and decompartmentalisation carried out by Convergences, which relies on more than 300 partner organisations in France and abroad from all horizons – national and international public sector, private sector, SSE structures, social entrepreneurship structures, non-governmental organizations, academic sector and the media.

The Working Groups are made for dialogue and collective intelligence, and orientate the activities of Convergences to ensure that they respond to the needs of profesionals. In practice, the Working Groups contribute to:

  • the programming of Convergences events and those of its partners, particularly the Convergences World Forum – co-construction of the editorial line and the main themes of the Forums, preparation of sessions, identification of speakers;
  • the definition of the editorial line of the three Barometers (the Impact Finance Barometer, the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer,  and the Sustainable Solutions Barometer), reference publications placing Convergences and its members at the center of the ecosystem;
  • the co-creation of deliverables – opinion pieces, cartographies, charters, vademecums and other collaborative documents. These deliverables are compact tools aimed at professionals on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • the creation of new collaborations between their members and the animation of an engaged community.

 The international Convergences networks are currently in full expansion; therefore, WGs are also set up and led in the countries and regions where Convergences’ Forums are held. The reflections carried out by all these national platforms are intended to feed a collective global reflection and to resonate both at the 3Zero World Forum and at the international Forums.

Since 2023, the Barometers’ and WGs’ steering committees have merged into five instances with well defined thematic contours:

Convergences’ Barometers:

The Sustainable Solutions Barometer (SSB) aims to mobilize all the ones defending the Sustainable Development Goals, and highlights the practical solutions for a more equitable and sustainable world. Its purpose is to observe each year the worldwide efforts established for the construction of a 3Zero world – Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty.

The Social Entrepreneurship Barometer (SEB) presents the key issues and trends of the social entrepreneurship sector in France and abroad, and promotes the best practices in the sector. It is aimed at the entire social entrepreneurship ecosystem, and also targets the professionnals of related sectors, such as students and the media.

The Impact Finance Barometer (IFB) presents the keys issues of impact finance, the innovations in the sector, and analyzes the levers to activate, as well as the best practices to support the growth of this positive finance. The Barometer presents the key trends in the sector and highlights the initiatives, experts’ viewpoints, and tools for the actors of the sector.


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