Press release

“Together, lets build a Zero exclusion, Zero carbon & Zero poverty world!”

NGO ACTED launches the Global Alliance for a Zero exclusion, Zero carbon & Zero poverty world

in Yangon, Myanmar on 10th March 2017


Yangon, 10 March 2017 – The conclusion of the Convergences Myanmar Forum “Strengthening cooperation towards sustainable development in Myanmar”, the first international edition of the Convergences World Forum that was held in Yangon, Myanmar on Friday 10 March 2017, saw the launch of the Global Alliance for a Zero exclusion, Zero carbon & Zero poverty world (“3Zero Global Alliance”). Frédéric Roussel, Founder and Development Director of NGO ACTED, defended the vision of a “Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero poverty” world that calls all individuals and organizations to think and act together as to respond to the duty of achieving a world without exclusion, carbon and poverty.

The 3Zero Global Alliance empowers stakeholders from all over the world to make lasting connections to create positive change and, together, educate and advocate to shape solutions and multisector partnerships that save and improve millions of lives. It inspires stakeholders to drive societal change and address some of the most pressing issues the world faces today.

“We are the last generation that can truly have a positive impact on the issues of exclusion, climate change and poverty,” asserted Frédéric Roussel. “This is both a heavy responsibility to bear and a challenge to meet. A challenge that can only be faced if each and every citizen has a voice and is in a position, individually or collectively, to influence his/her own development. If we want to, we have the capacity to drastically tackle these issues and the Sustainable Developments Goals have clearly paved the way for such an ambition.”

In Yangon, ACTED called upon civil society, public and private actors but also academics and the media to work together on addressing the poverty challenge that most of the world’s population still faces, through an inclusive and low carbon growth, limited in use of natural resources and rich in personal and collective development. In order to do so in an inclusive, cross-sectoral and creative manner, stakeholders were called to join the 3Zero Global Alliance for a “Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero poverty” world (

“Together, as 3Zero Global Alliance, we hold governments, companies, NGOs, citizens and all other actors to account to their duties and responsibilities for the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved and thus the future of humanity and our planet safeguarded.“ concluded Frédéric Roussel.



For any further information, please visit the 3Zero Global Alliance 3Zero website, or contact Emilie Poisson in Myanmar, and Adrien Tomarchio in Paris