DSC_0020On Wednesday 3 June 2015, Convergences organised the Final of its European and International Award. The Final took place at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) in Paris. The four Nominees for the European Award and the three Nominees for the International Award came to Paris to present their project before the Jury.

The Jury of the European Award is composed of Mr. Thomas Blettery  (Ashoka France), Mr. François Debiesse (Fondation de l’Orangerie), Ms. Catherine Decaux (Comité 21), Ms. Antoinette Guhl (Paris City Hall), Mr. Jean-Hugues Hermant (Veolia), Ms. Marine Jacquier (Unilever) and Ms. Elena Senante (Fonds Suez Environnement Initiatives). The Jury met in the morning of 3 June to attend the presentations and choose the Laureate of the European Award between the four Nominees.

The project “Innover et co-construire pour créer l’entreprise de demain” has been presented by Mss. Stéphanie Goujon and Ingrid Legrand on behalf of Agence du Don en Nature and by Ms. Charlotte Dieutre on behalf of Groupe Gaelries Lafayette. The project aims at collecting unsold or defective products from Galeries Lafayette and redistribute them to poorer people in France through a sponsoring programme.

The project “ActiVIDA” has been presented by Mr. Guillaume Lefebvre on behalf of Siel Bleu Spain et Ms. Ana Beltrao on behalf of Danone Medical Nutrition. The project aims at offering adapted physical trainings and individual nutritional advices to elederly people in Spain in order to preserve their health and autonomy.

The project “PIMMS” has been presented by Mss. Mélanie Vienot and Emma Douarin on behalf of Union Nationale des PIMMS and Mr. Michel Gonord on behalf of EDF. The project aims at facilitating access to all basic services thanks to partnerships with big companies.

Lastly, the project “Tutorat Passeport Avenir” has been presented by Mr. Benjamin Blavier on behalf of Passeport Avenir, Mr. Romain Riboud on bahalf of Fondation Accenture, Ms. Virginie Guerard Des Lauriers-Walter on behalf of Accenture and Ms. Soumeya Hartani, member of the “Different Leaders“community and beneficiary of the project. The project aims at enabling access to the working world and companies environment to young people from working class or rural zones backgrounds thanks to adapted  tutoring programs all along their educational and career pathways.

The Jury of the International Award met in the afternoon of 3 June. It is composed of Alexandre Cabaret (Devex), Marjorie Carré (Forum d’Action Modernités), Bertrand Charrier (French Agency for Development), Corentin de Chatel Perron (Gold of Bengal, Laureate of the 2014 International Award), Thomas Fansten (Paris City Hall), Denis Guibard (Télécom EM / C3D), Vincent Hejduk (MakeSense), Michaël Knaute (OXUS) and Adrien Tomarchio (ACTED).

The project “Novo Ciclo” has been presented by Ms. Clothilde Caillet pon behalf of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, and by Messrs. José Borges Carvalho and Mauro Homem on behalf of Danone Brazil and Mr. Luciano Marcos Silva on behalf of INSEA through skype from Brazil. The project aims at providing recycling trainings to waste pickers in Brazil.

The project “Zurich Flood Resilience Programme” has been presented by Ms. Lisa Carl on behalf of the Red Cross (IFRC) and Mr. David Nash on behalf of the Zurich Flood Reslience Programme, Corporate Responsibility. The project aims at implementing a flood prevention and resilience system in developing countries.

Lastly, the project “Charbon Typha Mauritanie” has been presented by Mr. Minh Cuong Le Quan on behalf of Gret and by Mr. Babana Mohamed Lemine on behalf of ISET through skype from Mauritania.

Convergences would like to thank the Jury for its participation and dedication, and to congratulate the Nominees for their presentations.

The names of the Laureates will be announced on 9 September 2015 on the official Awards Ceremony. The Ceremony will take place at Paris City Hall during the 8th Convergences World Forum.

Convergence rewards the nomination with two free tickets for the Forum on September 7th, 8th and 9th 2015, with a special session dedicated to the Nominees and with a stand on the professional Marketplace during the Forum. Moreover, Convergences also ensures visibility to the Nominees’ projects before, during and after the Forum with the Convergences Awards Booklet: the Booklet presents all the projects examined by the Jury and indicates more specifically the Nominees, and will be distributed during the Forum and published on our website.

In addition to the Nominees’ rewards, the Convergences Award Laureates will be granted a privileged meeting with influent Convergences’ partners, articles to be disseminated among Convergences’ network for one month and visibility on Convergences’ website, newsletters and networks.

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