Log’Ins: a social joint venture for the use of all.

Competing for the Convergences Europe Awards, the Log’Ins project is a social joint venture between a non-profit and a company. Log’Ins aims at providing a concrete solution to mass unemployment among people with disabilities.

Mass unemployment among disabled people

There was 452,000 unemployed disabled people in 2015 in France, a rate two times higher than the general population, with a majority of long-term unemployed. As companies struggle to recruit up to their ambitions despite proactive recruitment policies and the disabled-friendly companies allow too little access to conventional job, Log’Ins offers a concrete solution to the mass unemployment of people with disabilities. This solution takes the form of a new organizational model – a joint venture – to face the increasing challenges of social exclusion in our society.

A joint venture partnership to meet the challenge

Following their meeting , ARES (a non profit) and XPO Logistics (a company), both leaders in their sectors, have decided to set up an innovative model of joint venture based on their business and social expertise.

Log’Ins is a company adpated to people with disabilities and a springboard for their professional integration. Its goal is the integration of disabled people into sustainable employment in traditional businesses.

Log’Ins’ offer is based on:

  • Paid work and professionalism in logistics, to “get them back on their feet” and foster their skill development
  • Individualized social and professional support to help them find sustainable social and personal stability, and prepare the exit to employment. It is complemented by enhanced training opportunities.

The Log’ins project’s impact :

Log’Ins creates a logical springboard adapted to company’s needs and favors the return to traditional employment of more and more numerous beneficiaries (target: 100 per year as of 2018): 58 supported persons since 2012, 330 hours of training in 2015. 75% of those who exited in 2015 found a job or training. Log’Ins was only present in Ile-de-France at the beginning. It is now replicated in Rhône Alpes since May 2016. Log’Ins also helps to make society more inclusive by involving the corporate world: it is a “laboratory” for the acknowledgement of the fragility within a company that deconstructs the argument opposing performance and disability in low-skilled occupations. The company demonstrates the relevance of its co-construction model between a non-profit organization and a company to produce systemic change on a daily basis.

Partners: a company and an association join their forces

The objective of the partnership is to build on the complementary expertise of partners to leverage and develop an innovative model, robust and with a high social impact.

  • Ares : piloting et social methodology (insertion logistics), training and employment
  • XPO : process and professional tools, environment (premises, equipment), along with reputation for the credibility in the given sector

The partnership is strategic and operational with the presence of professionals from both organizations at the strategic committee, but also in daily support teams (training, payroll, administration …) for short, medium and long-term balance between social impact and financial strength. Log’Ins is a successful venture and a collaborative pilot, designed to be easily replicated.

A social joint venture: an innovative model

First social joint venture in France, Log’Ins relies on an innovative partnership formalized by an innovative partnership agreement, guaranteeing its non-profit status, Ares holds 51% of the stake. Social Joint Venture is a robust economic tool self-financed at about 90%. The goal ? Meet performance issues weighing on the social structures and increase the employability of vulnerable people with a more professional tool. Log’Ins defends insertion, to and with the classic business and paves the way for unprecedented cooperation between companies and non-profit organisations.