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Insights of the 10th Convergences World Forum

The 10th Convergences World Forum took place on September 4&5, 2017 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. The Forum gathered agents of change for 2 days and 2 nights around the theme “Together, let’s innovate for a 3Zero World”. Relive the highlights of the Forum and find 3Zero solutions, videos and other positive material on this page.


  • Private sector
  • Solidarity-based sector
  • Public sector
  • Academic sector
  • Media
  • Other

Participants’ activity sectors


Percentage of international participants


Pourcentage of female participants



From the top of our observatory we became aware of the acceleration of the world, often getting dizzy. A real revolution of thought took place over the last 10 years. Collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnerships are now presented as THE answer to the demands of an increasingly complex world and the challenges of truly sustainable and universal development. Strengh lies in numbers. More than a proverb, it is a reality that makes full sense today.

Emilie Poisson

Directrice exécutive, Convergences





Convergences unveils a 100 Solutions for a 3Zero World!

Convergences unveils a 100 solutions for a Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty world ! Based on the previous editions of the Convergences World Forum, Convergences gathered a 100 solutions for a Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty world. These 100...

The 9th Convergences World Forum will be carbon neutral

Thanks to a partnership with EcoAct, the 9th edition of Convergences will be carbon neutral. As a global actor in climate mitigation, EcoAct will measure and offset the CO2 emissions of the Forum by supporting a low carbon and certified project, to be voted on by the...

Convergences Awards – Meet the nominees during the summer!

"If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, then you have to go together." This is what the multi-actors partnerships nominated for the Convergences Awards 2016 proved during the "Meet the nominees" night on June the 23rd. Find the portraits of the...

Merci Raymond and Vertuo – Initiatives that are making our cities greener and more resilient

In France, urban areas occupy 22% of the territory, house 77% of the population and are constantly increasing. Urbanization represents an enormous danger for biodiversity and, as it stands, is not compatible with the consequences of climate change. In addition,...

Perspectives for a 3Zero World

 For the past fourteen years, Convergences has been carrying a clear message alongside actors of change from all horizons: the convergence of actors and agendas to work towards the transition to sustainable and inclusive models of society. This is how we contribute,...

Coral Artefact – Using lace to save the coral tissue

"An art that is lively does not reproduce the past but perpetuates it". The story of Corail Artefact could be told as an allegory of this statement made by Auguste Rodin more than a century ago. This story is mainly that of an encounter between a man and an object...

THRIVE – Organising resilience in vulnerable settings

Climate change is unique in that, affecting the social and economic fields of the globe in a differentiated way, it has effects that are also realized in various aspects. Floods, droughts, locust invasions, landslides or forest fires are all manifestations of climate...

Tech Innov – Digital agriculture at the service of rural populations

The share of agricultural production in the percentage of GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa is estimated at 16.7%. In Niger, this value reaches 37.8%, making this country a territory highly dependent on income from the land. With nearly 80% of its population living in rural...

L’Accélérateur – HEC Paris Helping inclusive companies in the Paris Region to scale up

In societies where the challenges of inclusion increasingly overlap with those of the environment, the map of actors for change is being redrawn. Certain private structures that have chosen to articulate their economic activity to the collective interest have been...

L’Hermitage: A model for local implementation of the 3Zero

Autrêches, a village nestled in the hollow of the Aisne and Oise valleys, is home to the Hermitage, a third place of rural and citizen innovation. With its 21 buildings and 31 hectares of land, forests and farmland, the Hermitage welcomes agro-ecologists, students,...

Plan International France – Role models, inspiring and disturbing figures

At a time when the major political, climatic and social issues intersect and transcend generations, the question of youth involvement in decision-making processes appears more and more as a necessity. The question of method then arises: how can we ensure that the...

The LabODD: providing committed actors with tools for performance measurement

While for years the finance sector seems to be detached from the real economy, attracting well-founded criticism, some structures are working to restore its role as a powerful lever for inclusion in the fight against poverty and climate change. This is the case of...

The Lab’ess in Tunisia, serving social innovation for a sustainable world

Since the advent of the Jasmine Revolution in January 2011, Tunisia has seen a real boom in associative structures. It is in this context of societal transition that the Lab'ess was born with the support of the GROUPE SOS. The association quickly expanded its...

Gaza Sky Geeks: Empowering Palestinians with business and tech skills

The situation of permanent conflict in which the Palestinian territories have been engaged for more than half a century fosters a political and social context under tension. In addition, the economy is hampered, particularly due to restrictions on the...

VIRTUALAHAN: Using Technology In The Fight Against Employment Discrimination

About 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability. In an increasing competitive world, medical conditions, disabilities, and social exclusion are factors preventing the marginalized community from entering the job market. Having made a...

Social entrepreneurship, a global phenomenon that unfolds at the local level

In Europe, social entrepreneurship has gained prominence on political agendas as a result of the measures taken in the framework of the Europe 2020 strategy, with different penetration rates in different countries. S ocial entrepreneurship is recognised as...

OpinionWay poll : Social entrepreneurship seen by social entrepreneurs and the general public

For the 8th consecutive year, OpinionWay conducted an exclusive survey for Ashoka on the perception of social entrepreneurship in France. This survey reveals the perception of social entrepreneurs (47% of whom were women, and 53% men), and the general...

Christophe Itier’s editorial

Social entrepreneurs are necessary because the fragilities of our economic system, revealed by the current health crisis, force us to accelerate the construction of a more inclusive and sustainable model of society. While awareness surronding ecological...

Interview with Jean moreau (Mouves’ co-Chairman)

My conviction is that companies with a positive impact will be the best positioned for the recovery Co-founder and president of Phenix, co-chairman of Tech For Good France and the Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves), Jean Moreau is the guest of...

Supporting social enterprises involved in the ecological transition towards their scale-up

Because they place social utility at the heart of their activities, social enterprises are an essential driving force for the ecological transition. More directly, as shown by the many examples featured in this Barometer, social enterprises are involved in...

Measuring environmental performance to transform workspaces

The ETIC - Foncièrement Responsable group’s purpose is to solve three challenges. First of all, to provide organisations that fight for a fair, just and environmentally friendly society to work in the right conditions, within a coherent ecosystem that...

Ecov: Reinventing the way towards sustainable mobility

Ecov was created in 2014 to respond to a challenge that no public or private player can meet on its own today: dependence on individual cars in peri-urban and rural areas. A few figures are enough to realise the scale of the problem: today, road transport...

Interview with Magali Payen (On est Prêt)

We have the ambition to transform culture and make it an ally for the ecological transition An expert in media and citizen mobilisation, Magali Payen is a producer but above all the initiator of the “On est prêt” movement, which creates...
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