2010 Edition

2010 Edition

The 3rd Convergences World Forum took place on 25 and 26 May 2010

Affiche A2-001Throughout the 2 days, 70 speakers, experts in development, microfinance, social entrepreneurships but also entreprises debated and discussed solutions for a more sustainable world.

1,200 participants, professionnals from public, private and solidarity based sectors but also students attended the Forum.

For the first year, the Convergences World Forum did not only discuss microfinance but also engaged with social entrepreneurship and the social and solidarity economy sector.


2010 sessions’ reports

Opening session

Promoting client protection, social performance and pricing transparency in microfinance

What is the role for microfinance in fragile States and for vulnerable populations ?

New experiments with financial services for the poor: case studies

Promoting client protection and social performance in microfinance, part II : MFIs and national regulators

Beyond microfinance: financing SMEs to accelerate development in Africa

Building an enabling environment for the development of social business in France

Patient capital: seeking funding for social business

What role can the banking system play in the development of microcredit in France?

BoP, social entrepreneurship, social business, “economie sociale et solidaire”: same story?

Decentralized cooperation, local development, microfinance and private sector

CSR, social entrepreneurs and BoP strategies: when big companies develop new business models to target the poor

Which future for microfinance in Africa?

How can microcredit be promoted as an answer to the economic crisis in the French and European context?

Le Monde’s great debate

Closing session