Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD+

Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD+

Throughout the summer, discover the projects of the nominees of the 2016 Convergences  Awards. Energy and environment, employment, health… Discover projects built by innovative partners that contribute to the Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty objective. The Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, September the 7th at the City Hall of Paris, during the third and final day of the Convergences World Forum.

Competing for the International Award, the project Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD + aims at building a participatory model of conservation and land management at the regional level in Peru.

Deforestation and vulnerability of communities: a double challenge at the origin of the project.

The San Martin region, in the Andean Amazon, is the most deforested region of Peru as it is devastated by poor agricultural practices and forestry. Yet this area has a rich biodiversity, and is home to many endangered species.

Furthermore, deforestation causes soil depletion and the exposure of crops to extreme weather events and generates a high vulnerability on the already poor population. It is therefore essential to support small farmers in their fight for the right of conservation of their environment.


What solution for a double challenge?

Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD + aims at building a participatory model of conservation and land management at the regional level, generating multiple benefits for local populations, degraded ecosystems, the Peruvian government in its fight against deforestation, the project partner companies and society via the fight against climate change.

It revolves around several key activities:

  • Reforestation of degraded lands and agroforestry
  • Conservation of primary forests by communities
  • Improving the community capacity through training, and a leading role in design and project management
  • Sustainable Economic Activity
  • Awareness raising of communities on the importance of forests and good farming practices.

What is the impact of the  Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD + project for its stakeholders?

The project was designed in an integrated way in order to generate maximum benefits for  all its stakeholders. The scientific team of the PUR Project, the PUR Lab, conducted studies on the socio-environmental impacts: trees are able to capture 800 tons of CO2 per hectare in the year (verified by the VCS), they reduce soil erosion, regenerate the macro-ground biodiversity, and improve the cocoa yields. Small producers also state that they are very satisfied with the project, mentioning a sense of empowerment, better organization and cohesion, and good management of funds. Started with 200 farmers, the project now reaches 90,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.


Project partners

The partnership of Pur Projet with the Fundacion Amazonia Viva (FAV), brings together farmers’ associations and aims at ensuring the proper monitoring of the project through local relay and at collecting feedback from farmers. Moreover, strengthening  management capacity is a way to ensure the proper implementation of activities and to strengthen the long-term autonomy of the project. Thus, the partnership allows the project to move continuously thanks to pro-active and professional teams that identify new opportunities constantly.

The partnership with the local authorities also allowed farmers to obtain property titles and concessions areas needed for the fight against deforestation, and finally their support gives the project more credibility at both national and international levels.


Putting local communities at the heart of the project: the strength of Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD +

The project was designed and developed by and for local communities. These communities are more than just partners; they are at the heart of the project, sharing their experiences and knowledge in the decision-making process. Todays, the partnership evolves to more innovative approach: PUR Project and Fundavi are working to create Amazonia Justa, a Peruvian company owned by farmers, to integrate them as much as possible in the value chain and develop their organizational capacities. This entity will sell products from the program on competitive and international markets, enabling farmers to promote their products and services in front of  investors. This also shows a desire to build a lasting and meaningful partnership.


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