Gathering more than 30 partner organisations, Youth We Can! (YWC!) is a collective which aims at encouraging young leaders with social and environemental impact projects. It was created in 2012.





Members of the Collective



To create the Click! among youth, making them want to undertake projects and swing into action, at their level.


To promote exchanges and networking in order to encourage young people to commit.


To guide young social entrepreneurs in their project development.

Raising the voice of youth

To highlight young leaders’ projects and actions of involved youth



With numerous media partnerships, YWC! wishes to put under the spotlight young leaders with innovative and inspiring projects. All interviews are available on L’Etudiant and the website of Annabelle Baudin.

Start Up Telling!

The Start Up Telling! program focuses on pitch training.

It involves the 5 following steps :

  1. Needs assessment of both company and employees
  2. Identification of high level potential social startups
  3. Pitch training sessions for entrepreneurs
  4. Organization of a YWC! event where the entrepreneurs are invited to pitch in front of the employees
  5. Initiation of collaborations between startups and the company

In partnership with Whystories.

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP)

Le programme YEP vise à accompagner les jeunes entrepreneurs sociaux des Quartiers Prioritaires de la Ville, agés de 18 à 30 ans et les guider de l’idée au projet, en leur offrant à la fois confiance et outils clés en main pour mener à bien leur idée.

En partenariat avec Nos Quartiers ont du Talent.


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Every month, YWC! organizes an “Apéro” or pre-drinks in a bar in Paris. This initiative aims at helping young project leaders and social entrepreneurs to present their projects to other young people wanting to get involved. It is the perfect opportunity to meet people and exchange with members of the YWC! network.

To come:
* Introducing the Youth We Can! Festival

Past pré-drinks:
* January: How to eat sustainable?
* February: Can Fashion be ethical and sustainable?
* March: Solidarity without boarder, get involved in France and abroad, co-organized with UNICEF France, La Guilde and ACTED
* April: Health and Environment, co-organized with Générations Cobayes

YWC! Evening event

Every year, the collective organizes the “Soirée YWC” or YWC! Evening event during the Convergences World Forum. For the first time in 2015, Youth We Can! organized a session called: “YWC! Adocacy: Involved youth on climate change!” which gathered 600 people in the “Salle des Fêtes” of the Paris city hall.

YWC! Festival

Young people have ideas, they do things and dream much more than we want to believe. They are thirsty for renewal.

This first edition of the YWC! Festival aims at inspiring youth and initiating a collaborative thinking on new alternative models that are both inclusive and sustainable. The main goal is to give young people the ability and tools to become drivers of change, each one at its own level. The YWC! Festival will be conceived as an initiatory trip towards committment. It will be composed of different inspiring activities combining creation, training sessions and moving into action.

Find the Call for Participation HERE and help us raise money with our crowdfunding campaign over THERE.

Co-organized with Convergences et l’Avise.

Workshops and conferences

Occasionally YWC! organizes workshops, training sessions or conferences for young people.

See below several events that we organized or are organizing:

  • Apil 18th: VOXE.ORG Conference – The Digital, new citizen alternative, during the VoxeYour on social alternatives.
  • April 29th: STARTIN’ESS with la Maison des Initiatives Etudiantes : Undertake and innovate differently in Paris.
  • June: Speed-meeting with refugee project leaders with SINGA.
  • June: Workshop on the jobs in the field of social entrepreneurship with Animafac.



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Youth We Can! Festival


An environmentally friendly festival in the heart of Paris? Join us on September 23rd at the parc de La Villette! Curious people, project leaders and key actors of social entrepreneurship will gather for this special day on how to get involved! A lot of surprises to come… Stay tuned!

Call for participation!

YWC! pré-drinks: Health and Environment


Youth We Can! and Générations Cobayes joined forces to organized a pré-drink on April 11th on the following theme: “Health and Environement”! 

Thanks to Laëtitia Van de Walle, foundeur of Lamazuna et Aude Dommange, founder of la Cocarde Verte! We were captivated! And thanks to every one of you for being here!

Interviews, in partnership with Annabelle Baudin

We are using date and artificial intelligence in order for young people to discovers hundreds of jobs and courses. It is possible thanks to the online plateforme that gathers innovative services around a visual browser: the job galaxy!

Borna Scognamiglio

Co-founder, Pixis

Thanks to the new alternative that represents Mutum, we want to create a new economy. For the moment, the platform only allows object trading, but we are willing to transpose this model to services, vehicules and housing. Some users are already ready to “trade” their vehicule if they are not usingi it.

Mathieu Jeanne-Beylot

Co-founder, Mutum

Our core activity is giving out free professional outfits to help people finding jobs, but we are going far beyond that in organizing practice interviews in order to neutralize fears and preconceptions.

Nicolas Gradziel

Co-founder , La Cravate Solidaire

We wanted to highligth the everyday life of those small storekeepers that are facing food wastage and unsold articles issues. For them, it represents a double loss: they are not only losing products but all those unsold articles are synonym of lost incomes!

Alexandre Bellage

Co-founder, Optimiam