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EmilieToday, around the ZERO EXCLUSION, ZERO CARBON, ZERO POVERTY movement, a large number of stakeholders from the private, public and solidarity-based sectors have decided to engage for a sustainable and inclusive development.


Indeed, the challenges of exclusion, poverty and climate change are not separate issues. To a large extent, they combine their effects at the expense of the most disadvantaged countries and populations. Therefore, they have to be addressed in a global and integrated way.

Through the 9th Convergences World Forum, to be held on September 5, 6 and 7 in Paris and articulated around the theme “Managing the transition towards sustainable cities and territories”, we will promote a convergent mobilisation of all stakeholders and encourage cross-fertilization between the different categories of actors in order to answer the following question: how can we contribute, at our own level and together, to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Beyond the declaration of principles, we will have to demonstrate, during the World Forum and throughout the year, how to concretely reach the 3Zero objective.

How to reach ZERO EXCLUSION in practice ?

For example, by highlighting and supporting an inclusive development that creates jobs,  savings and investment opportunities, by ensuring the dissemination and sharing of innovation to respond to new social needs, or by encouraging the development of a microfinance faithful to its original social inspiration, offering loans, savings, non-financial and insurance services affordable  and tailored for the poorest population.

How to reach ZERO CARBON in practice?

By encouraging, for example, the implementation of a carbon reference price to guide investments and fundamentally change behaviours. By fostering the emergence and the development of innovative and energy-efficient development models: circular economy, sharing economy, economy of functionality.

How to reach ZERO POVERY in practice?

For example, by facilitating social innovation and stakeholder coalitions – NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, local authorities, social organisations – which contribute through their actions to fight insecurity in the access to energy, housing, food, health, education and communication, by encouraging the development of innovative hybrid value chains in order to allow the poorest population to have access to essential goods and services of quality at low prices, or by acting for the development of inclusive agricultural value chains in favour of local farmers.

The aim is, through the Forum, to pool together and promote the results of new approaches from crowdfunding to impact investing, from traditional philanthropy to social responsibility, but also the results of approaches developed for a long time by the solidarity based economy – cooperatives, mutual health organisations, social enterprises and foundations. Finally, it is about demonstrating that technological and financial innovation can and must be put at the service of the fight against poverty, exclusion and climate change.

Today, I am pleased to join the Convergences team and to join the efforts of multiple organisations, platforms, networks and labs who identify with this vision: Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty!

See you soon,


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