Since 2011, Convergences publishes the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer which presents the key issues and trends in the social entrepreneurship sector in France and internationally and promotes good practices in the sector. It targets the entire social entrepreneurship ecosystem – entrepreneurs, funders, catalysts and public authorities – and also targets professionals in related sectors, students and the media.

As awareness of the ecological emergency is accelerating and the economy is deeply destabilised by the Covid-19 health crisis, social entrepreneurs are showing that another economy is possible! Energy, circular economy, transport, living places, food, citizen engagement… can social entrepreneurs be at the forefront of a more ecological world?

While 8 out of 10 French people believe that social entrepreneurs have a role to play in rebuilding the economy after the health crisis according to the Barometer, learn more about the experiences and lessons learned from entrepreneurs involved in all sectors of the ecological transition and the results of the annual OpinionWay survey on the perception of social entrepreneurship in France.

Published in partnership with Ashoka, l’Avise, BNP Paribas, le Mouves, OpinionWay, and Orange, the 8th edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer was released on 9 July 2020. This 2020 edition looks at the role of social entrepreneurship in building a more sustainable new world.

Food transition: Baluchon’s perspective

Why not replace [the organic label] or add a more demanding label that integrates both ecological and social criteria, a new label that really takes into account the entire food production-processing-distribution chain? The magical power of food transition...

Energy: tackling climate change and fuel, all at once

Dorémi aims to make efficient renovation accessible to at least 10% of the French population in 2021, by training 250 groups of craftsmen. How to make sure that the energy renovation of buildings is a sustainable solution that meets social and...

The circular economy, a major topic for social entrepreneurship

The circular economy, which aims to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources and minimise waste generation, can be seen as a sustainable way of meeting the needs of humanity while remaining within the limits of the planet. Each year, WWF...

How citizens can bring Europe towards an energy transition

Europe is undergoing an accelerating energy transition, moving away from a polluting, centralised, utility-owned energy production based on imported fossil and nuclear fuels towards more decentralised energy production based on clean, local, renewable...

Convergences has been publishing the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer since 2011. The Barometer presents the key issues and trends of the social entrepreneurship sector in France and worldwide, and promotes a set of best practices. It is aimed at all the social entrepreneurship sector actors – entrepreneurs, investors, public authorities – but also at the professionals of related sectors, students and the media.

The Barometer is one of Convergences’ flagship publications. It highlights portraits of entrepreneurs and inspiring initiatives. It also features exclusive data on the perception of Social entrepreneurship in France, thanks to a collaboration with OpinionWay.

The 7th edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer will be released in February 2019, in partnership with Ashoka, Avise, BNP Paribas, Mouves, OpinionWay, and Orange. This last edition focuses on the role of social entrepreneurs in the transition towards sustainable cities and territories.

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