Since 2011, Convergences publishes the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer which presents the key issues and trends in the social entrepreneurship sector in France and internationally and promotes good practices in the sector. It targets the entire social entrepreneurship ecosystem – entrepreneurs, funders, catalysts and public authorities – and also targets professionals in related sectors, students and the media.

As awareness of the ecological emergency is accelerating and the economy is deeply destabilised by the Covid-19 health crisis, social entrepreneurs are showing that another economy is possible! Energy, circular economy, transport, living places, food, citizen engagement… can social entrepreneurs be at the forefront of a more ecological world?

While 8 out of 10 French people believe that social entrepreneurs have a role to play in rebuilding the economy after the health crisis according to the Barometer, learn more about the experiences and lessons learned from entrepreneurs involved in all sectors of the ecological transition and the results of the annual OpinionWay survey on the perception of social entrepreneurship in France.

Published in partnership with Ashoka, l’Avise, BNP Paribas, le Mouves, OpinionWay, and Orange, the 8th edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer was released on 9 July 2020. This 2020 edition looks at the role of social entrepreneurship in building a more sustainable new world.

Christophe Itier’s editorial

Social entrepreneurs are necessary because the fragilities of our economic system, revealed by the current health crisis, force us to accelerate the construction of a more inclusive and sustainable model of society. While awareness surronding ecological...

Interview with Jean moreau (Mouves’ co-Chairman)

My conviction is that companies with a positive impact will be the best positioned for the recovery Co-founder and president of Phenix, co-chairman of Tech For Good France and the Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves), Jean Moreau is the guest of...

Measuring environmental performance to transform workspaces

The ETIC - Foncièrement Responsable group’s purpose is to solve three challenges. First of all, to provide organisations that fight for a fair, just and environmentally friendly society to work in the right conditions, within a coherent ecosystem that...

Ecov: Reinventing the way towards sustainable mobility

Ecov was created in 2014 to respond to a challenge that no public or private player can meet on its own today: dependence on individual cars in peri-urban and rural areas. A few figures are enough to realise the scale of the problem: today, road transport...

Interview with Magali Payen (On est Prêt)

We have the ambition to transform culture and make it an ally for the ecological transition An expert in media and citizen mobilisation, Magali Payen is a producer but above all the initiator of the “On est prêt” movement, which creates...

Social entrepreneurs are more suited to address environment and climate issues than other actors Jeroo Bilimoria is an Indian social entrepreneur, founder of several international NGOs and Ashoka Fellow. She recently founded Catalyst 2030, a global network...

Convergences has been publishing the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer since 2011. The Barometer presents the key issues and trends of the social entrepreneurship sector in France and worldwide, and promotes a set of best practices. It is aimed at all the social entrepreneurship sector actors – entrepreneurs, investors, public authorities – but also at the professionals of related sectors, students and the media.

The Barometer is one of Convergences’ flagship publications. It highlights portraits of entrepreneurs and inspiring initiatives. It also features exclusive data on the perception of Social entrepreneurship in France, thanks to a collaboration with OpinionWay.

The 7th edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Barometer will be released in February 2019, in partnership with Ashoka, Avise, BNP Paribas, Mouves, OpinionWay, and Orange. This last edition focuses on the role of social entrepreneurs in the transition towards sustainable cities and territories.

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