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Lab Laboo Award

Rewarding 2.0 innovations for a “Zero exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” world

 2016 Convergences World Forum


What is the Lab Laboo?

As a co-creation platform promoting synergies between “Zero exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” (3Zero) initiatives, Convergences began to aggregate in 2015 a new ecosystem around the Lab Laboo a.k.a the “Lab of Labs.” The “Lab Laboo” name derives from lablabou, meaning beet in Persian, i.e. a vegetable from which is pulled sugar so which contains great virtues. It epitomizes the Labs, the innovation catalysts spaces that aggregate entrepreneurial ecosystems. This initiative brings together Labs that contribute with their 2.0 innovations to co-construct a 3Zero world, more caring, more sustainable and more inclusive.


The idea of launching Lab Laboo was based on the following observations:

  • The management of “Big data” by the creation of innovative algorithms is a powerful tool to create positive, sustainable and inclusive change on a large scale.
  • Far from being a threat for humans, artificial intelligence is a tool which allows us to be less dependent of technologies.
  • The challenge of development is crucial for new economy’s start-up firms.
  • It is important to create synergies and to help the meeting of digital and societal areas.


Thus the Laboo Lab platform pursues the following objectives:

  • Raise the challenges of a world excluding Zero, Zero Carbon and Zero Poverty through concrete initiatives.
  • Identify digital entrepreneurs and innovators of the new generation who are dedicated to creating a world moving towards the 3Zéro.
  • Collect different actors around a platform for exchange and networking around positive digital solutions.
  • Generate synergies and enable meetings between actors and the public sector, the private sector, and civil society.
  • Promote and support the creativity of entrepreneurs 2.0, these new ultra-connected visionaries.


What is the LabLaboo Innovator Award ?

The Innovator Award recognizes a Lab Laboo 2.0 entrepreneur whose project is particularly innovative, original and inspiring. Its digital innovation contributes to the achievement of one or more Zeros: Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, or Zero Poverty, and has a high potential impact. In addition, the innovation is mobilizing or generating synergies between actors from different sectors.


Who are the 2015 winners of the Lab Laboo Awards?

The first Lab Laboo winners were awarded at the 2015 World Convergences Forum.

The first “Innovator” Lab Laboo Award in 2015 rewarded a new leading figure of the new economy engaged for a 3Zero world in his practice and goals: Paul Duan, founder of BayesImpact, non-profit organization that uses the data to optimize and modernize public services.

The “Best project” Lab Laboo Award rewarded a project of the ecosystem lab in favor of the Triple Zero: The project Smart Favela, a 3D mapping tool to the implementation of environmental and sustainable projects in the favelas and in cities. led by David Laure, who received 5,000 EUR offered by ACTED Foundation.


What are the formal selection criteria?

The nominations by members of the Jury will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The digital nature of innovation brought by the nominee.
  • The interest in digital innovation brought by the nominee.
  • Innovation in question specifically contributes to one or more 3Zéro goals.
  • The innovative demonstrated creativity, ingenuity and originality.
  • The innovative project with high potential impact.
  • Innovation is mobilizing or generating synergies between actors from different sectors.


Who is eligible for the 2016 Lab Laboo Award?

Any individual working in fields normally covered by Convergences who, in the Board of curator’s opinion, has the potential to make a significant impact on the world is eligible for the Lab Laboo Personality Awards.

We are looking for emerging digital innovators who both excite us in their fresh and energetic approach, and who have already achieved a proven track record of early success.

Innovator can be any age or coming from anywhere in the world as we expect the Lab Laboo Award Nominees to be drawn from a number of countries and a range of ages. We won’t make decisions based on their personal background, ethnicity or gender. We want to identify highly promising and creative innovators that will contribute to a 3Zero world.

The Lab Laboo Award will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Board of curators.


What form does the endowment?

  • Financial support: The winner receives a prize of 5,000 euros awarded by the Foundation ACTED.
  • Strong visibility: The winner has a dedicated time for a speech on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 in the Salons of the Paris City Hall, on the occasion of the 9th Global Convergence Forum (5- 7 September, Paris) . Place for meetings and mobilization, the Global Convergence Forum embraces each year nearly 7,000 participants and media from around the world. It is a unique platform resonance for innovative projects with a positive impact. In addition, the winner receives an article dedicated and strong visibility on communication media of Convergences.


Who does select the winner? 

The winner is selected by the Board of curators, consisting of a panel of experts from different sectors:

Emilie Poisson Convergences
Romain Lacombe PlumeLabs
Thierry Taboy Orange
Claire Marie Foulquier-Gazagnes Etalab
Kat Borlongan Fivebyfive
Philippe Lemoine Forum Action Modernité
Jean Karinthi Maison des associations
Caroline Ramade Paris Pionnières
Camille Pêne Futur en Seine / Cap Digital
Thomas Roca AFD
Priscilla De Moustier Fondation ACTED
Arnaud Poissonier Babyloan


How are the winners selected in 2016?

Each member of the jury shortlists up to 3 nominees in the “Innovator” category before August 5, 2016.

These nominations by members of the Jury are expected to be sent by email to Josephine DE BARTILLAT ( with each nominee’s:

– NAME, FIRST of the Innovator

– His contacts (Mail / Phone number)

– A link to an article or a site of innovation that matches the criteria outlined above

The nominees are asked to apply for the Award starting from August the 10th 2016.

Applications are then reviewed by the jury between 26th and 30th August,and the winners are selected. As the president of the ACTED Foundation which contributes financially to the reward, Priscilla de Moustier chairs the Jury.

The list of eligible nominees for the Award will be published by August the 20th.


You are nominated by the Board of curator: what should you provide for the 2016 Lab Laboo Award?

Should you be nominated by one of the members of the Board of curators, you will be asked to send all of the following to, with “Lab Laboo Award 2016” in the subject line, before August 20th, 2016 :

  • Your name, full street address, email address, phone contact, and details of your current work.
  • Your biography, in up to 600 words.
  • Your photo of an HD quality (1 or 2 MO maximum)
  • An explanation of why you believe your work will make a significant impact on the world, what is innovative about it, and therefore why you deserve to be one of the winners of the 2016 Lab Laboo Award. Your explanation can be up to 1,000 words of text, plus any supporting photographs, videos, audio or other documentary material.Two options are available for your choice :
  • Option 1 – text: it must not exceed 1,000 words and may be accompanied by audiovisual material that you think is relevant.
  • Option 2 (Recommended) – a video: it must not exceed 3 minutes, and may be filmed from your mobile phone. It can also contain any other document you consider relevant.


How do you deal with intellectual property?

We encourage innovators to publish their work under open licenses such as GNU GPL, Creative Commons BY-SA or ODbL. The innovators control the intellectual property of their work.


I’m writing a story and want to learn more about the Lab Laboo Award. Who do I contact?

All members of the press can reach out to Carine Valette


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