World Forum & carbon offset


Convergences’ actions are committed to the values of « Zero exclusion, zero carbon and zero poverty ». Convergences encourages responsible behaviors to insure the sustainability of our societies. The World Forum is also subject to the environment responsibility. That is the reason why, since 2016, Convergences created a carbon offset process with its partner EcoAct. Convergences then engages to compensate the total amount of carbon emission produced during the Forum. EcoAct, a model in terms of companies and organisations “de-carbonization” and a European leader of voluntary carbon offset, takes the measurements of carbon emission and make the compensation process.


Carbon offset has different steps. In a voluntary carbon offset process, associations, companies and governments try to start with the reduction of their carbon emissions. To compensate the resting emissions, the structures can invest money in projects having a positive impact on the environment.

During the Forum, Convergences put efforts in its carbon emissions’ reduction. The event gather more than 5000 people for two days. For limiting the ecological cost of this international meeting point, we adopt responsible behviours such as:

  • The limitation of waste: the use of Eco-cups, the re-use of the badges and the reduction of the signage to prioprity elements.
  • The re-use of furnitures used during the Forum.

The second step of the carbon offset is undertaken in a questionnaire online, which all participants can fill, and which will be used by EcoAct to evaluate the amount of carbon emissions during the Forum. These emissions will be neutralized with the support we will give to a project with an environmental positive impact, chosen by the participants.

Convergences will then buy carbon credits sold by the chosen project which do not need it because of the good benefices its activities generate for the nature. These credits are then canceled and consequently erased from the carbon credit market. The canceled credits will not be available anymore for companies which would like to purchase “the right to pollute”.