” This “Triple Zero” objective which may seem utopic, must incite us to think and act together to respond to the clearly paradoxical duty we have of achieving both a world without poverty, and a world without carbon. This implies responding to the poverty challenge that the majority of the world’s population still faces, through inclusive, rapid and low carbon growth, limited in use of natural resources and rich in personal and collective development.”

Frédéric Roussel

Co-fondor of ACTED and Convergences President, http://www.acted.org/

ACTED, one of the main French humanitarian NGOs active in some 35 countries, is committed to responding to emergencies, building disaster resilience, promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, and strengthening civil society, effective governance and social cohesion. In the framework of its activities, support to powerful poverty alleviation tools, such as income generating activities, economic development and microfinance, have become an obvious angle of intervention. Positioned at the crossroads of development dynamics, ACTED has become aware of the necessity to push for increased synergies between development activities, technological innovations, international financial instruments, individual initiatives and public policies, while building partnerships with actors from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. As the main initiator of the Convergences platform, ACTED hopes to promote greater efficiency, responsibility and impact towards reaching the MDGs and defining the Sustainable Development Goals.