Every year since 2010, Convergences has been publishing the Microfinance Barometer, a publication that aims at showcasing the global trends of the sector, while raising awareness about the high impact microfinance initiatives and promoting best practices. This publication, realised in partnership with the FNCE, Mastercard Foundation, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and Oikocredit, has contributions from key French and international actors. One of Convergences’ key publications, the Microfinance Barometer is listed at the Top 10 Most popular publications at the CGAP’s Microfinance Gateway (2015 et 2016).


The launch of the 2017 Barometer took place on September 4th at the 10th Convergences World Forum in Paris. With the theme “Is microfinance still working?”, this 8th edition dedicates a report on the synergies between microfinance and impact investing. As every year, you will also discover exclusively microfinance’s global figures and a special social performance report, which reaffirm the challenges and dynamics of the sector.


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2010 – 1st edition


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